Institut Fresnel successfuly hosts CRIMSON Workshop in Marseille

Institut Fresnel CNRS recently hosted a Workshop in the context of the CRIMSON Project in Marseille, France. The event, held on December 5th, provided a platform for young researchers to showcase their latest findings and engage in stimulating discussions.

The workshop served as a stage for emerging talents to present and discuss their results. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into a diverse range of research topics, spanning various disciplines within the CRIMSON Project.

A highlight of the workshop was the invited talk by Dr. Sophie Brasselet, a leading physicist in polarization-resolved imaging.

In the evening, CRIMSON partners gathered in Old Port of Marseille (Vieux Port), where they enjoyed a delightful dinner in a picturesque location.

The success of the workshop at Institut Fresnel underscored the importance of creating spaces where young researchers can not only showcase their work but also explore potential career trajectories and engage with established experts in their fields. As the CRIMSON Project continues to unfold, events like these contribute significantly to the growth and development of the scientific community.