Lightcore Technologies at FOM 2024

Lightcore Technologies, partner of the CRIMSON project, participated in the Focus on Microscope conference (FOM 2024) held from March 24 to March 27, 2024, in Genoa, Italy.

During the event, they delivered two presentations and showcased one poster highlighting their recent advancements in the InSplorer™ endoscope, an all-in-one standalone non-linear endoscope system, and the BonXplorer™ microscope, a multimodal SRS microscope platform. The conference served as a platform for enhancing the company’s visibility, with significant interest shown by attendees in their products. Moreover, several promising collaborations were established during the event.


The booth of Lightcore Technologies at FOM 2024

Two talks were given about the developments of InSplorer™ endoscope by Gaëlle Brévalle-Wasilewski and Naveen Gajendra