Active Fiber Systems delivers state-of-the-art picosecond fiber lasers

Active Fiber Systems (AFS) recently delivered two state-of-the-art Tunable Dual Wavelength Picosecond Fiber Lasers to the project partners of Cambridge Raman Imaging and Lightcore Technologies. This development comes as a significant stride within the framework of the CRIMSON project.

These cutting-edge lasers are packed with groundbreaking features and employ the latest in fiber laser technology. The first laser in the duo covers a range from 600 cm-1 to 2200 cm-1, while the second ranges from ≤2400 cm-1 to ≥3300 cm-1.

The delivery of these advanced lasers marks a crucial milestone in the collaboration between AFS and the CRIMSON project, promising to enhance capabilities in coherent Raman imaging.