CRIMSON project holds second in-person general meeting in Milan

The second in-person general meeting of the H2020 project CRIMSON was held on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th of June 2023 in Milan, Italy. The 10 partners convened to discuss project progress and future developments.

During the two-day meeting hosted by Politecnico di Milano, attendees focused on reviewing the latest advancements achieved and addressing forthcoming challenges. Additionally, the event provided valuable socialization opportunities, encouraging collaboration among the consortium members.

CRIMSON, which stands for Coherent Raman Imaging for the Molecular Study of the OrigiN of diseases, aims to provide a next-generation bio-photonics imaging device based on vibrational spectroscopy. As the project moves forward, partners remain committed to working collectively to realize the project’s vision.

Looking ahead, the next in-person meeting is scheduled to take place in Marseille, France, before the end of the year.