CRIMSON project featured on the annual report of Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology

The CRIMSON project recently gained recognition in the annual report of the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology in Jena. Notably, the project was featured on the cover page of the report, highlighting its significance and impact.
Cover page of the annual report of the Leibniz-IPHT: a photograph of the CRIMSON experimental setup and a comic of two collaborating CRIMSON researchers.


The inclusion of the CRIMSON project in the report underscores the importance of collaborations in research. This European endeavor brings together researchers from various disciplines, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas. By pushing the boundaries of photonic technology through their interdisciplinary approach, the CRIMSON team exemplifies the power of collaborative efforts in driving scientific progress.
A first broadband CARS set-up was realized at Leibniz-IPHT in 2022, which will help to characterize cellular components and molecularly decipher cancer. © Sven Döring


Abstract of the article:
A team of scientists from Italy, Germany, France and Great Britain are pursuing an ambitious goal in the CRIMSON research project, which is extremely important for society as a whole: Thanks to innovative technologies, cancer diagnostics is to be raised to a new level and patients are to be given hope for significantly improved early detection of cancer.