First Broadband CARS spectrum from tissue acquired with a new laser source in Jena

A first successful measurement of a broadband CARS spectrum from a thin liver tissue section was successfully acquired at the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology in Jena utilizing a broadband laser source concept initially realized at Politecnico di Milano.

The high power pump laser has been developed by active fiber systems GmbH in Jena and has been used for the first time for broadband CARS spectroscopy. The broadband excitation is generated in a YAG crystal. High average and peak laser power can be realized enabling to acquire spectra from tissue. Further work will focus on optimizing the laser setup and the detection efficiency to reduce the acquisition time aiming for single pulse broadband CARS spectroscopy.

Figure 1: First BCARS spectrum from a liver tissue section using a new broad band laser source realized in close collaboration with Politecnico de Milano and Active Fiber Systems GmbH, Jena. 96 ms integration time, 3.5 mW Stokes Laser, 3.5 mW Pump laser, 100 kHz pulse repetition rate.