CRIMSON project has started!

December 1st, 2020

CRIMSON project has started! Read our press releases.

European consortium to build next-generation microscope
promising to revolutionize the study of the cellular origin of diseases.

A breakthrough in microscopy and endoscopy will soon revolutionize the study of the cellular origin of diseases, advancing the field of precision medicine. This is the goal of CRIMSON, a trans-disciplinary and trans-national research project recently funded by European Commission. It will develop the next-generation bio-photonics imaging device for biomedical research, combining advanced laser techniques with artificial-intelligence data analysis. This groundbreaking microscope will provide three-dimensional quantitative maps of sub-cellular compartments in living cells and organoids and enable fast tissue classification with unprecedented biomolecular sensitivity. High acquisition speed will allow the observation of intra and inter-cellular dynamic changes by time-lapse imaging […]

December 2nd, 2020

Many international websites and media talk about the project!

December 14th, 2020

The interview with Dario Polli on Radio 24 about the CRIMSON project is out!

Here the link to the interview on Radio24.

January 2021

LASERLAB-EUROPE talks about us!
LASERLAB-EUROPE is the integrated initiative of European laser infrastructures funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Download the journal in pdf format at this link:

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